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Keep it Clean - Deleting Temporary Internet Files
by Mark Sidman                                                                

Temporary Internet filesEver looked at your Temporary Internet files and wondered what they are?   Ever wonder what these cookies that you keep hearing about are good for? Maybe you should Explore the possibilities that you are wasting a lot of hard disk space with unnecessary file storage. Personally I like to clean out my Temporary Internet Files on a regular basis. Not only to keep from building up wasted files to store, but to be sure that I am viewing the most recent version of whatever information I seek.

Deleting Temporary Internet Files
Deleting Temporary Internet Files - Internet ExplorerIf you are using Internet Explorer you can delete your Temporary Internet Files any time by choosing Internet Options...and selecting the General tab. In the Temporary Internet files section click the button labeled Delete Files and then OK. This will remove all Temporary Internet files from their folder on your hard drive. Deleting Temporary Internet files does not remove cookies that are set on your machine. check for newer versions of stored pages Every visit to the page

While you have this tab on screen, you may want to take a minute to click the Settings... button and review your temp settings. I recommend setting your browser to check for newer versions of stored pages Every visit to the page to be sure that you are viewing the most recent version. This also shows you the Current physical location of the folder that your Temporary Internet files are stored in and gives you buttons that allow you to View the Files... or Move the Folder that they are stored in. Though you will probably never need to use these options.

Edit -- Preferences...In Netscape you would select Edit -- Preferences... and under Category, open Advanced and select Cache. Deleting Temporary Internet Files - NetscapeThis give you similar options to I.E. You can choose amount of Memory and Disk space to be used to cache temporary internet files, Clear files that are cached to your Memory or your hard Disk, Choose cache your temp files to, and set the frequency that your browser compares the cached documents to the document on the web. Again, I highly recommend setting this to compare Every time you access the page.

Cookies are another area that you can clean up. There are a few really important points to consider before you start deleting your cookies. Be sure to read the next Internet Tip "
Cookies to Crumbs - Internet Cookies" for all the ins and outs.

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